General and Implant Dentistry

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In our effort to be more efficient and accurate with your dental care, we utilize digital record keeping, digital x-rays, intraoral camera, and intraoral scanner.  Intraoral scanner produces digital impressions and not only is it a faster, easier process with more accurate results, it’s also an investment in patient experience – drastically reducing intraoral discomfort as there is no off-gassing of impression materials or potential choking hazards.  We also acquired the 3D CT Imaging System, revolutionizing patient treatment.  3D technology allows us to better visualize our patients' oral anatomy with unprecedented level of anatomical detail.  This helps us to diagnose more accurately and treat patients with confidence.  The capabilities of 3D imaging is especially beneficial in implant placement.  CT-guided implant surgery enables the placement of dental implant into a pre-planned ideal position that best supports the crown, taking into consideration of other factors like anatomy, bone volume, vital structures, and surrounding and opposing teeth.  This is all done in virtual reality on the computer screen using the patient's CT scan.   All this treatment planning data is used to fabricate a custom surgical guide that precisely transfers the treatment plan from the computer screen to the patient's mouth.  This technique allows the implant placement to be performed in less time than traditional surgery and through a small incision with accuracy.  As a result, the patient usually has a more comfortable and faster recovery. 

(We are conveniently located where Alhambra, South Pasadena, and San Marino meet, the white building right across from In-N-Out)